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    Konica Minolta

    Konica Minolta

    Konica Minolta has offices in 50 countries providing services covering business technologies, commercial and industrial printing, healthcare diagnostic imaging systems, optical systems for industrial use, and performance materials.

    In line with our management philosophy, “The Creation of New Value,” we, at Konica Minolta, are striving to contribute to the well-being of society through our business activities, by creating and offering “New Value” in a way only Konica Minolta can, thereby bringing even greater benefits to our customers and society.

    We have been offering high-performance products and attractive services and solutions in all of our business areas, which include office equipment, such as MFPs (multi-functional peripherals, which are very popular among corporate users all over the world) and digital printing systems (which are steadily increasing their presence in the commercial printing industry); various types of industrial materials including TAC films (which are indispensable components of LCD panels); various types of optical products and equipment such as measuring instruments developed with our state-of-the-art optical sensing technology; and healthcare products such as digital X-ray diagnostic imaging systems.

    In today's world, the “values” all around us are becoming increasingly diverse and rapidly changing. In such a business climate, we are endeavoring to identify the “values” that are sought by our customers and society and precisely meet their needs, thus creating new growth opportunities. In the Business Technologies Business, for example, we offer cloud services and workflow solutions tailored to the business needs of individual customers, along with MFPs. In the Healthcare Business, we provide services that combine our digital diagnostic imaging systems with information technology to assist medical institutions in facilitating the shift from analog to digital. Furthermore, we are accelerating the development of organic light emitting diode (OLED) lighting systems for practical use, which have the potential to bring about a phenomenal change in our society, while working on further expanding our Planetarium Business to offer inspiring and pleasing experiences to the public.

    “Giving Shape to Ideas” represents our resolve to keep our promise that “we will contribute to the well-being of society by responding to the wishes and desires of our customers and society at large.” We remain committed to driving our evolution and growth to become a company that brings inspiration to various businesses and people's daily lives through innovations.

    As always, we highly appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

    Business Technologies

    Office Services

    MFPs (Multi-functional peripherals) / Laser printers / Filing devices / Software and peripheral devices / Cloud services / Optimised Print Services

    Commercial and industrial printing

    Digital color printing systems / Digital monochrome printing systems / Digital color-proofing systems / CTP (Computer to Plate) / Prepress production systems / Inkjet printheads / Inkjet textile printers / Inkjet inks

    Healthcare business

    Digital X-ray diagnostic imaging systems (CR, DR) / Digital mammography / Diagnostic ultrasound systems / Medical imaging filing systems / All-in-one medical imaging information workstations / Pulse oximeters / Jaundice meters / Medical management ICT service / Contrast media

    Industrial business

    Optical systems for industrial use

    Lens units / Pickup lenses for optical disks / Colorimeters / Luminance meters / Spectrophotometers / Photovoltaic reference cells

    Performance materials

    TAC film for LCD polarizers / High-precision photo plates / Barrier film / Functional film for windows / Organic Light Emitting Diode lighting

    Other businesses

    Business is composed of operations such as those for planetariums.

    Optical planetariums / Digital full-dome systems / Full-dome show / Management and operation for planetarium facilities