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    Kraft Packaging Store

    The Kraft Packaging Store is aimed at providing the natural and cost saving Kraft paper packaging products, to help small business and start up companies to have a decent and Eco-friendly Kraft packaging for their products. Also, to individuals they can get well designed nice gift packaging for parties and events at fast delicver in a lower cost than buying from supermarket or other high shipping cost B2C platforms.

    Our Kraft packaging products mainly included Kraft paper boxes and Kraft paper bags/ zipper pouches. We provide various sizes from small to large, you can find the one suit for your product packing needs. Color mainly in black, white and brown Kraft paper, also some special boxes in Red color for gift wrapping. They come in plain paper without any printing, you can buy simple adhesive sticker and ribbons from our store to decorate the packaging if needed. For big quantity request, we can also do custom printing service if request, but this store mainly provide plain uniform Kraft packaging to satisfy the needs of smaller quantity packaging for individuals and small startup businesses.

    We are proud to have dust-free workshop, and with certificate of FDA and FSC, we can guarantee our Kraft packaging are food safe and Eco friendly.

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