LageenTubes has created its daring solution for Metallic tubes

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This line of extruded tubes facilitates a unique and innovative adornment of full tube decoration, allowing wide decoration capabilities with direct print. The new Metallic tube has extremely realistic appearance of metal on a plastic tube, adding lettering in silk screen, with especially designed, create the haptic effects. Since the printing machine is modular types, means the stations can be change its order, the variety become almost unlimited. We can over varnish or printing on the varnish. The hot stamping can be the first stage and printing on it or be the last stage according the graphic. The flexo and the silk screen also can be change between the stations. We can use the CMYK or panton shade if needed. Selective varnish can be used to achieve contrast effect of mate and glossy on the same tube.

The machine is in high level of precision, therefore the registration between the stations is very accurate, we can have a very specific design with congruence between the shades and the technology types wherefore performing designs which can be done in alternative tubes printing machines. By using direct print we don’t use any glue, additional materials as labels, decreasing the waste. This is in line with our rules for e seeking the most environmentally friendly design solutions, the 3R (reduction, recyclability and reuse of material) to contribute globally to carbon emissions reduction.
We believe that innovation means something if it adds real value to our customer.

With our Fast Lane Development Process, we define and analyze the customer unique graphic needs, feasible wide decoration capabilities and efficient production in our unique new line. With this elegant and classical design solution, we believe that all your dreams can be implemented.

Hashachar Ha’ole is a leading food company in Israel specializing in children sweet cocoa. The company strives to improve people’s lives and is focusing on Fun & Indulgence products. Recently the company launched a new tube packaging format for its leading Brand – the Hachacha cocoa spread. The spread was introduced in a plastic tube made by LageenTubes. The unique tube was developed by the engineering and technology departments in LageenTubes together with the customer- a cooperation the lead to the first cocoa spread packed in tube in Israel.

The success was enormous. Mothers found the new tube format as much more convenient, less messy and easier to spread on bread. No wonder the new innovative tube got the “innovative product of the year” award.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people seek “on the go” food and beverage packaging, with user friendly features, portion packs and re-sealable options. More and more food manufacturers are moving from traditional food packaging to flexible tubes packaging. LageenTubes has established a dedicated R&D team to develop tubes according to the unique and specific requirements of the food industry, and the changing food consumption behavior of consumers.

LageenTubes' innovation team is constantly designing user-friendly tubes and dispensing closures that make us the preferred choice for advanced food and beverage packaging tubes.

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