Since 1967, LageenTubes has been offering tailor-made, cutting edge packaging tube solutions for diverse customers in over 30 countries across the globe.

Established in 1967 as a part of Lageen Group, the aim of LageenTubes is to provide manufacturers with the most advanced industrial packaging capabilities.

Based on rich know-how, Lageen Tuboplast produces plastic, multi-layered, laminated, and aluminum tubes for international industries in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.

Leading the Israeli tube-manufacturing market, Lageen Tuboplast uses the most technologically advanced production and printing methods, while achieving the highest standards of quality in its products, service, and ability to provide real-time customized solutions.

Approximately 70% of Lageen Tuboplast's annual output is earmarked for export and marketed to 30 countries throughout the world.

Meeting the highest international standards, Lageen Tuboplast products are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) and have consistently met ISO 9001:2000 standards since 1994.

In addition to achieving market prominence for quality and innovation, Lageen Tuboplast enjoys a sound financial foundation.

The company prides itself on the wide range of quality, professional solutions that it offers for a broad spectrum of international labels, including hundreds of types of cosmetic and personal care products, medical products, hair coloring products, toothpastes, and more.

Customers are provided with an important competitive edge and the confidence that grows out of a long tradition of effective cooperation, mutuality and professional understanding of customers needs. The company's accumulated know-how and years of experience is perfectly combined with the latest production and printing technologies, excellent service and the ability to provide fast solutions.

Lageen Tuboplast has a dynamic R&D Department staffed by professional chemical, plastic, and mechanical engineers. It offers expert consulting on the type of tube best suited to the product, its composition and use. It is the skill of its personnel, the undivided focus on each customer and the quick response to find the best solution, which positions Lageen Tuboplast at the forefront for excellence and service. It is also why Lageen customers are known for their long-term loyalty.

At Lageen Tuboplast, we see our customers and the quality of our products as a primary responsibility. Every tube we produce is meticulously suited to its purpose with a keen professional understanding of the influence of the quality of the packaging on the quality of the end-product, and on the reputation and image of the brand.

We believe in product perfection down to the last detail, giving every product that special touch of quality.