Peek-In cosmetic tube – Create a window to your product

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LageenTubes opens a whole new world of consumer experience with its unique Peek-In window tube design.

Today’s consumers want to be part of the product experience from their first interaction. They want reassurance about what they’re buying, how the product looks, and its quality.

Our Peek-In window tube design offers the whole package: a stunning outer look, with a transparent window providing a clear view into the product inside.

With this unique design concept, you can boost consumers’ confidence by letting them see what’s inside the tube. Moreover, your tube will showcase your product story and draw attention even on crowded retail shelves.

What do you want to show?

Choose from many transparent window shapes. For example, you can add prestige with a diamond-shaped window, a hint of elegance with a leaf shape, or a touch of youth with a star or heart-shaped window.

You can make your packaging an integral part of the evolving customer experience, with images that appear to be printed on the inner side of the tube. With a translucent product, the image will be visible when the tube is full. If the product is opaque, the image will gradually be revealed through the window as the content is used.

LageenTubes’ Peek-In window tube designs are made with our unique CrystalClear™ PE. The highly transparent material can be printed with offset, hot stamping and silkscreen techniques. For additional on-shelf shine, you can add a glitter powder to the window.

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