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Welcome to the beginning of unprecedented design freedom – enabled by revolutionary direct digital printing on plastic tubes, brought to you exclusively by LageenTubes.

Now your tubes can provide a truly unique customer experience. Only LageenTubes’ digital printing solution offers end-to-end decoration that is seen and felt from every angle, on the shelf and with every use, with:

  • On-cap
  • Seamless 360° decoration without a gap or overlap
  • Unlimited customization up to full personalization
  • Ultra-realistic images
  • Unlimited shades, gradients and half-tones

End-to-end printing

Make the most of Lageen Tubes’ expanded decoration space. Now you can print on the cap, transforming it into an integral part of the tube decoration – and gain a high-impact premium differentiator for your brand.

Unlimited highly accurate shades

Color your tubes in a whole new way. Now you can have an amazing design that uses as many simultaneous pantone colors as you want, creating unlimited shades all on one tube.



Ultra-realistic images

Reflect the real world! When your available color gamut stems from so many process colors, when the color registration is so accurate and the resolution is so high, your images and pictures appear with unprecedented photorealism.

Unlimited gradients and half-tones

Achieve just right nuance in your designs. Now you can choose any background color you want without worrying about screen damage or plate inaccuracy effects when using fine gradients.

Sharp text and lines

Make every letter and every word stand out. Ultrahigh color registration, zero shift, and full drop shape control ensure exceptional text and line quality – a visible differentiation on the shelf.

Endless 360° decoration without a gap or overlap

Confidently create a seamless design. For the first time ever, you can trust 360° decoration to perform perfectly, with an exact match, regardless of production diameter tolerances.

Unlimited customization, up to full personalization

Take customer engagement to a new level. With no plates, screens or blankets, and zero setup time for different artwork, along with mass-production affordability, you can at last unleash the power of customization and full, photorealistic personalization.

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Careline, a cosmetic and toiletries company, that delivers a wide range of products to allow accessibility to each and every one, has chosen LageenTubes’ 360˚ Unlimited Design Freedom tubes for its Careline Spring hand cream collection. LageenTubes 360˚ Unlimited Design Freedom technology allowed Careline’s designers to achieve a true all around continues decoration with no overlaps or gaps.

LageenTubes kicks off the digital revolution for tube packaging with the first solution for digital printing direct-to-shape on plastic tubes

LageenTubes is excited to announce the launch of revolutionary direct-to-shape digital decoration on extruded plastic tubes. Having recently installed an all-new digital printing solution for direct printing on tubes, LageenTubes is the first extruded plastic tube manufacturer in the world to offer fully digital, truly end-to-end digital printing directly to the tube.

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