It's green, it's sustainable, it's a tube!

Sustainability means different things to different brands. LageenTubes is at the cutting edge of cosmetic tube development taking on the industry's challenges head on to overcome them and its focus is no different.

In support of a circular economy, LageenTubes strives to develop the best eco-friendly packaging solutions for its customers, helping them to address their consumers' demand for sustainable cosmetic packaging. The solutions on offer include efficient and environmental processes that minimize the usage of plastic, reduce waste, decrease energy consumption and utilize recycled materials. All of this helps LageenTubes' customers participate in the circular economy throughout their processes.

What green-freedom solutions are available?

  • 100% recyclable
  • Reduced carbon footprint emissions
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Mono-, two- or multi-layer tubes
  • Sustainable caps developed from recycled or renewable sources

LageenTubes' eco-friendly tube solutions maintain the same holding properties as PE tubes and are ideal for use as primary packaging for Personal Care, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical products. Additionally, no new filling equipment or operational adjustments are required, so that it easy to package formulations in eco-friendlier tubes.

PCR Tubes

Post-consumer-recycled is one of the buzzwords of 2019. LageenTubes offers tubes in food grade resin that can be produced with up to 50%PCR in the tube sleeve.

PCR tubes are available in either Mono, two or multi layer tubes and benefit from the same characteristics and properties as a standard PE tube.

LageenTubes' PCR tubes can also benefit from direct-to-shape digital printing.

Sugarcane Tubes

The company's bio-plastic sugarcane tubes have been on the market for many years.

The tubes are produced using 100% virgin PE which has been derived from sugarcane.

In addition to being a bio-material, sugarcane offers a very low carbon footprint emission as it metabolizes more CO2 to grow than most plants and trees do.

Inno-Greenpack Tubes

These innovative tubes combine a special blend of PCR with sugarcane for a very eco-friendly packaging option.

The combination of recycled plastic with bio-plastic material, that is manufactured through sustainable production processes makes the Inno-Greenpack Tube a truly green offering.

Fortified Mineral Tubes

LageenTubes' fortified mineral tubes are made of calcium mineral and like the company's other green tube options, they are ideal for personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

In combination with direct print offering end-to-end tube decoration from cap to crimp, there is no need for unnecessary secondary packaging.

Efficient, sustainable tube production

With over 50 years of experience in Tube manufacturing, LageenTubes' accumulated expertise has facilitated a highly efficient production process specifically designed to reduce waste as well as convert any plastic waste into raw material.

The company utilizes natural resources to reduce its energy consumption. A 40% reduction has been achieved through innovative cooling water processes, and the company also takes advantage of solar energy and natural gas to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


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