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    Lepack Manufacturing

    Lepack Manufacturing

    Lepack Manufacturing Limited provides boxes, packaging & display solution.

    Lepack Manufacturing Limited has been serving for jewelry business since 2005. With manufacturing facility in Dongguan China, we create and produce display items

    You can just pass your concept to us and expect the following:

    • CAD drawing
    • 3D rending
    • Prototyping
    • Production
    • Logistic

    Some of the materials we incorporate into cutting edge designs include:

    • Wood - Sustainable and Exotic.
    • Metals - Stainless steel, Aluminum, Nickel, Powder coating and all types of metal fabrication.
    • Acrylics / Plastics - Laser cut, Engraved, Formed, Thermoforming, Injection molding.
    • Fabrics - Genuine leather, Synthetic material, Embossed, Sewn, Majilite Novasuede, American silk, Fifield Vienna and Charisma, to name a few.
    • Paper - Skyvertex, American, Import, Linen, Textured, Wide range of speciality papers from around the globe.
    • Glass - Tempered, Cut, Laser etched, Star fire.
    • Finishes - laminates, Veneers, Foils, Painted, and Powder coated, Lacquer, Faux, Textured.
    • Lighting - LED, Halogen, Xenon, Ambient, Spot.
    • Signage - Acrylic, Engraved, Formed, Metal, Printed, Foil, Transfers.

    When managing your project, communication is what we emphasis on, due to long distance, we would like YOU to know what is happening straight-forwardly.

    Our teams of 300 staff, including customer service professionals, designers, engineers, production are always ready to make your ideal into reality.