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    Lihua Group

    Lihua Group

    The Expert of Color Printing Packaging Solution

    Situated in Bacheng town, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, Lihua Color Printing (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was incorporated in March 1996 by the Taiwanese CEO, Mr. F.C. Sun. Our registered capital is 20.0 million US dollars, and the land area is 140,000 square meters, including 80,000sqm building area. Our number of employees in June, 2007 reaches 1,300.

    Our company specializes in a wide range of printings for color boxes, hang labels, brochures, product catalogs, self-adhesive tapes, and nameplates. We have maintained long-term business relations with more than 30 major clients, such as BenQ, Logitech, ASUS, Pioneer, LG, Motorola, BYD, Sony, HP, MSI, Makita, to name just a few. Our daily output averages are as follows: 1,000,000 brochures, 600,000 color boxes, 3,000,000 self-adhesive tapes, and 500,000 nameplates, totaling up to 19.0 million US dollars in the average annual yield.

    With a view to integrating itself to the prevailing international practice, LIHUA succeeded in passing the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System as early as in 2000, and satisfied the requirements for upgrading the ISO9001:2000 version in 2002.

    Currently, there are various specifications of printing machines available, such as single-color printing press from Taiwan, Komori high-speed press from Japan, KBA five-color press from Germany, and KBA five-color ferrotype press.

    The Trademark Section is intended to provide a wide choice of trademark printings and additional services for lithographic printing clients. With our brand new six-color fully-equipped rotary presses, our tailor-made products will look more exquisite and charming, and will surely become the most powerful business promotion tool to our esteemed clients.

    The planographic screen process press is CPU microcomputer controlled, featuring the automatic silk screen printing and integrating the anti-static electricity, printing, dust removal, and UV infrared drying into an organic whole. The widest printing dimensions reach 60*70cm and the printing speed reaches 4,200p/h. It is desirable for planographic printing of a wide variety of plastics, acrylic sheets, metal nameplates, thin film press-button switches, computer keys, and other special products which require special requirements for high quality, high yield and variety.

    All of our raw materials and accessories, such as paper, PVC, self-adhesive tapes, printing ink and solvents, are purchased from the leading suppliers from home and abroad, which provide a strong warranty for our product quality and environment-friendly consciousness. Therefore, our trustworthy products are gaining popular praise from a majority of our esteemed clients. In addition, we have a plenty of safety-assured stocks of varied specifications to meet the urgent needs of the clients.