Airless Applicators For Cosmetics and Skincare

  • Lombardi Design and Manufacturing

Lombardi Design and Manufacturing offers airless packaging for pumps, bottles and tubes, in PCR materials and refillable packs that are specially designed with cosmetic and personal care products in mind.

In addition to countless styles of airless packs, Lombardi has also taken application into consideration, providing multiple applicator heads to enhance user and product experience.

The TAP-038B has combined an airless pump dispenser with a brush head applicator making an ideal pack for foundations and concealers. The bristles of the brush ensure a more thorough coverage than fingers alone, making better use of the formula to reduce waste.

Soft and spongey tip applicators similarly provide a superior coverage to target areas, and Lombardi has created convenient mini airless tubes, such as the TAP-039T, fit with a soft circular tip, that smoothly glides with natural curves on the face.

Another method of airless application can be seen in the TAP-039N, where the dispenser uses a rolling puff that evenly applies the product, as well as providing a gentle massage to the area.  

Specialized skincare treatments would also seek the benefit of the TAP-047 airless applicator that features a metal ball, which soothes and cools the skin at the point of application.

For more airless dispensers, visit the catalog or contact Lombardi 


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