Lombardi Design and Manufacturing

Lombardi Design and Manufacturing

Lombardi Design and Manufacturing (LDM) is known globally for its advanced design, engineering and injection molding.

Lombardi Design and Manufacturing 

Lombardi Design and Manufacturing was created in 1989 bringing a unique mission to our industry: Providing a molding resource to transform ideas into tangible commodities, our aim was to ensure that the process be simple and the experience be positive. In doing so, we have proven that our direction results in the making of the highest quality finished product.

Today we are known globally, not only for our advanced design, engineering and manufacturing systems, but also for our dedicated management team and knowledgeable sales staff. In addition, we continue to set new standards in the business by combining pre and post-operation cost reduction with outstanding production times.

Explore our catalog of beauty packaging products or take advantage of our unique expertise in custom molding to create products and accessories that go beyond beauty.

Anna Young

Anna Young, a division of Lombardi Design and Manufacturing. Built on one hundred years of combined experience with formulators, package engineers and US+global manufacturing capabilities. We focus on the most efficient, high quality, innovative, and luxurious elements to realize your beauty.

What we offer


elevated, custom skincare formulas

  • SPF, serums, & moisturizers

  • cleansers, toners, & face masks

  • hydrocolloid pimple patches

  • undereye patches

Body Care and Fragrance

filled & packed as a finished good

  • proprietary plant-based deodorant formula

  • body wash, lotions, and scrubs

  • signature parfums

  • sanitizer gels

Color Cosmetics

ready to go formulas and packaging

  • standard lines for eyes, lip, & face

  • k-beauty available

  • primer, foundation & powder

  • eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara & more