Mecmesin’s force testing products deliver solutions for a wide range of applications. Versatile universal testers, with a comprehensive choice of interchangeable grips and fixtures, perform tension and compression testing to numerous test standards across all industry sectors.

Our dedicated systems meet the needs of specific test types with complete solutions optimised for focussed and efficient force testing. Data acquisition and analysis capability is provided by powerful software in our flexible PC-controlled models and easy to use touch-screen systems.

Whatever your requirement, there is a tester for you, bringing consistency and repeatability to your force testing.

Universal Testers
Mecmesin offers a wide range of universal testing machines (UTM) for tension and compression testing. These systems enable materials testing - for the characterisation of raw packaging materials - and also product testing - of the manufactered packaging solution itself.

At the top end, our MultiTest-i systems are driven by the powerful Emperor™ control and analysis software on a separate PC, while our production-level testers in the MultiTest-xt series offer touch-screen ease of use and rapid processing. All of these systems give fully programmed control and accurate, repeatable testing, with test libraries for instant recall.

Our OmniTest™ range with VectorPro MT Materials Testing software adds the ability to perform industry standard materials testing - yield strength, Young's Modulus, etc.

Our budget level motorised stands combine very flexibly with our extremely accurate digital force gauges for more occasional or varied requirements. They can be used with our VectorPro Lite™ or Emperor Lite™ data acquisition software to take the captured data onto a PC for review and analysis.

Dedicated Testers
Mecmesin offers systems which are dedicated to the test types of particular industries or test types. These testers deliver focused and comprehensive, yet flexible, solutions.

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