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    Packaging solutions made of Recyclates

    Menshen gets excellent rating from Henkel

    Environmental protection, sustainability and recycling are an ongoing issue and one that concerns us all. Simply throwing raw materials away should and must be avoided.

    The European Union has realized this too and has consequently put a regulation into effect to encourage the use of recyclates (also called secondary raw materials).

    It goes without saying that Menshen supports these activities and has for some time been testing the use of various different recyclates for a variety of packaging components. Some of these are already being implemented in closure solutions.

    The majority of plastic manufacturers have recognized the importance of this issue as well and offer a wide range of different recyclates with various properties and capabilities. These have been recovered from household packaging materials or from industrial plastics, or collected in separate waste bins or bags. The recycled plastic has the same properties as new plastics: it is just as tight, impervious and robust, and it can be processed, printed or finished in exactly the same way as a conventional plastic.

    To be in a position to offer our customers and the consumer recyclates in the highest possible quality and the best possible properties, Menshen have set themselves the task of conscientiously scrutinizing all the options to ensure that they can continue to manufacture and supply closure solutions in the customary Menshen quality.

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