Sustainability and MENSHEN Mono-Material Coffee Capsules Go Together

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The at-home coffee market is booming like never before and consumers have more options than ever to make their own specialty coffee. Coffee capsules are popular all over the world and consumers expect their favorite blends and varieties to be available in a capsule format.

MENSHEN offers a wide range of coffee capsules for two of the market-leading coffee capsule systems, with a clear and direct focus on sustainability and variety. In fact, both of the company’s aluminium and plastic capsule solutions are recyclable. MENSHEN’s Dolce Gusto-compatible capsule, the only one on the market, is a mono-material product that is easy to sort and recycle.

Sustainability and MENSHEN Coffee Capsules Are a Match

Contrary to popular belief, coffee capsules and sustainability go together well.

If you prepare your coffee using a coffee capsule, you only need about half the coffee powder per cup you would if making the coffee by hand. At the same time, you save the energy and water used to grow, harvest, and produce the coffee- while saving yourself time and hassle during your morning routine.

With capsules you only ever prepare exactly the number of servings you really need. That’s also what sustainability is about.

Using Recyclable Materials

The materials used also play a prominent role in sustainability terms. MENSHEN only uses recyclable raw materials. All its capsules are made of aluminium or plastic, both very suitable materials for recycling. The capsules’ excellent barrier properties ensure the aroma remains in the capsule and guarantees a maximum of coffee pleasure.

Mono-material Innovation in Coffee Capsules

Menshen is proud to be the first and only manufacturer of the innovative Dolce Gusto-compatible coffee capsules in a mono-material solution: Matryoshka, a capsule made from just one material and which can be recycled by type without any problems.

Available in the marketplace soon, MENSHEN is also launching a Nespresso-compatible coffee capsule that will also be compostable at home.

Plastic and Aluminum Options From a Single Source

In the early years, capsules were solely made of aluminium. This material offers the coffee powder and its aroma excellent protection against external influences, like light, water and, above all, oxygen. As a result, the coffee stays fresh longer and retains the properties needed for an uplifting morning cup.

In response to increasingly rising demand, MENSHEN tested, researched and developed coffee capsules made of plastic. Thanks to a refined manufacturing method and the use of suitable raw materials, these plastic capsules have the same excellent barrier properties as the aluminium ones. The excellent compatibility with the two main systems (Nespresso and Dolce Gusto) has been certified and confirmed by an independent testing institute, Hanse Control.

A company focused on continuous innovation and developing even greener solutions, MENSHEN is supporting the recycling of materials and constantly working on new, sustainable solutions.

Versatility, reliability, and safety from a single source – that’s MENSHEN!

Interested in coffee capsule solutions? Contact the MENSHEN team to learn more about the available products.

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