Full System Packaging from MENSHEN

Special products and individual requirements need innovative and coordinated packaging. MENSHEN offers brands just that - exceptional packaging that emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of the product and set it apart from the competition.

Quality Solutions When You Need Them

For particularly urgent requests Menshen offers packaging solutions that are available fast while still maintaining a high recall value.

Interested in spending the time to develop an overall packaging solution that is tailored to your product and wishes? Menshen would be delighted to start the process with your brand - just get in touch!

Complete solutions from MENSHEN – packaging systems from a single source

Finding a complete packaging solution for a product is not always easy. After all, you’ll have often chosen a bottle or jar, but the closure you like doesn’t fit because the exit opening or thread is either too big or too small. Or the overall proportions are simply not right. That’s why MENSHEN offers you an extensive range of overall packaging solutions.

The difficult, time-consuming search for suitable packaging components – bottle, jar, or tube along with the matching closure – is no longer necessary because our system packaging solutions are optimally aligned.

This allows you to showcase your product and be confident that your packaging will have a tight seal and keep the formulas completely safe. Brands spare their nerves while saving you time and money!

One-stop-shop solutions - overall packaging tailored to your unique product

The uniqueness and special features of your product will be enhanced by an appealing overall packaging solution that ensures high recall value and an individual look. In MENSHEN you have a partner who knows all about these requirements as well as what is important to make your product a success – with the help of the packaging!

With a catalog of solutions for a variety of markets, including single-serve beverages, spouts for flexible food packaging, coffee capsules, and more, your brand can find the answer in MENSHEN.

MENSHEN has the know-how and experience to develop an overall packaging solution of unique appearance and reliability – gladly in cooperation with brands.

As a one-stop-shop solution, you’ll get everything you need from MENSHEN, from development, production, assembly, and finally to labelling of the packaging components. All of this while enjoying the quality assurance and after-sales support from MENSHEN.

MENSHEN will take care of everything – your brand profits from the result!

Interested in a complete solution? Contact Menshen today!

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