Weldspouts For Mono-material Pouches Have Arrived

  • Menshen

As society continues to maintain concern that reliance on one-use plastics significantly contributes to environmental degradation, Menshen presents recyclable and mono-material packaging. Thanks to efficient energy distribution during the welding process, energy is saved, and this allows the results to speak for themselves!

LoTUS™ lets you fulfill EU pressing guidelines towards sustainability and enjoy the benefits of creating smoother, more appealing consumer packaging while allowing you to meet consumer demands for recyclable packaging solutions. The Menshen – LoTUS™, due to its unique design, foregoes the need for additives during its construction, reducing energy costs. The welding and bonding process for the mono-material spout happens with an efficient energy distribution process that significantly lowers the risk of damaging the pouch with little to no adverse effects on the product.

MENSHEN-LoTUS™ offers improved sealing quality, lower energy consumption, and meets full European compliance in line with Directive EU 2019/904. A new closure design for the circular economy, Menshen offers an elegant and efficient solution to the bonding process between pouch and spout without the need for additives.


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