Perilog-fresh logistics Asia

Fresh delivery service has always been a challenge for logistics and transport. "perilog-fresh logistics Asia" focuses on solutions for transporting and storing perishable goods as well as the particular challenges of cool chain logistics.

periLog (perishable logistics) is an exhibition that focused on the transport and storage of perishable goods as well as cool chain logistics. Organized by Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd., the focus is on logistics solutions for fresh food, thus providing answers to the biggest logistical challenges.

More than 250 exhibitors, predominantly from Asia, exhibited at preiLog - fresh logistics Asia 2018 in SNIEC. As ever, transport logistic China was accompanied by a high quality conference program emphasizing perilog fresh logistics Asia. As a part of this, Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL - German Logistics Association) addressed the various aspects of the cool chain process.

10 Exhibition sectors

  • Fresh delivery services and cold chain distribution centers
  • Cold chain storage and handling equipment
  • Pharmaceutical cold chain
  • Integrated cold chain, fresh-preservation technology and packaging
  • Project of precooling, cold storage &clean room
  • Refrigeration, refrigerated transport equipment and technology
  • Fresh food processing, fresh preservation and packaging equipment
  • Selecting conveyor, processing line, preservation and packing
  • Packaging, cooling materials and refrigerator accessories

5 Target visitors

  • Agricultural products, fresh meat, aquatic products, fresh food, dairy products, drinks
  • Chain supermarkets, department stores, hotels, caterers, retails
  • Pharmaceuticals, bio-medicine, pharmaceutical sales, chain drugstores
  • New farmers, fresh e –commerce
  • Transporters, transport service providers


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