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    Minjin is the leading packaging provider focusing in packaging dispensing system and solution for beauty & cosmetic sector.

    Minjin was the first company to produce and supply airless dispensers in Korea in 1990. As a leader in this field, they have contributed a lot to the cosmetic packaging industry. Minjin has focused on unique techniques for many years, prioritizing developing innovative products above building a world-wide sales network.

    However, Minjin is now ready to take on the world and supply their products globally. Since moving to a larger faclility in 2013, they are able to offer one-stop service, from production to decoration, all in the same location.

    Minjin provides high quality packaging solutions that are convenient, functional, and suited to the needs of their customers. Everything from pumps, dispensers, and injectors, to jars, compacts, and refills.

    Their business practice is to maintain excellent quality and on-time delivery, with which they aim to become a global cosmetic packaging leader.