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    Mitra's rigid tube bottles for make-up

    • Mitra

    Very special new packaging from MITRA – 2 rigid tube bottles offered in 20ml and 30ml for make up are ready to be a perfect packaging for your foundation, BB creams, concealers and all kinds of fluids and primers as well as skin care creams.

    Tube bottles offer a great solution for make up considering their more attractive price and eco-friendly direction in comparison with bottles with pumps or with airless bottles. If we are talking about skin care segment, rigid tubes make difference in appearance of the final product – creams look more expensive in comparison with the same product in flexible tubes and at the same time this kind of packaging much more environment friendly than luxury acrylic jars, but with certain hot stamping decoration have the same premium look.

    MITRA provides various ways of hot stamping on the tube itself and on the cap. These tubes are produced in PETG- a very glossy, shiny material which adds additional elegant charm.

    • Jo Webb
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    • Created 26 Nov 2019
    • Modified 29 Nov 2019
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