MPS 230ml Container: Extra Grip and Steady Standing


Moulded Packaging Solutions is a BRC-accredited manufacturer of PET and rPET containers, bottles, and associated closures for Food (including Confectionery and Sports Nutrition), Animal Health, Nutraceutical, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical markets.

The company’s latest model is the 230ml Bottle Container which features a distinctive design using a traditional cylindrical shape combined with an angular base.

This uniquely styled base is not only eye-catching against other conventional containers on the shelves, but also serves extra functionality to consumers.

With the addition of the straight-sided shapes at the base of the container, users can better grip onto the product, reducing the risk of dropping and consequently spilling the contents.

When the container has been filled with your chosen product, the subtle incline of the bottle will create a naturally weighted area around the bottom, making the product sit more securely without the risk of tipping over.

MPS’s 230ml container can be used for a wide range of markets, and is especially suited for food and confectionary. The bottle is completely manufactured in PET, and can be fully recycled after use.

MPS is also able to produce this pack using rPET as an extra sustainable measure, depending on individual preferences.

For more information, visit the catalog or contact Moulded Packaging Solutions

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