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Multi Packaging Solutions

Multi Packaging Solutions

We specialize in packaging solutions for the branded and healthcare markets. Our expertise crosses over into any market that can benefit from our dedication, ingenuity, and follow-through.

Insight and Innovation

At MPS, our focus on customers and commitment to innovation have driven our growth. We take on new challenges every day, gaining valuable insights that help us tackle the next challenge.

Our industry experts are as committed to your business as they are to ours.

That’s what true customer partnerships are built on.

Decorative Technologies

Let’s Face It. Sometimes 4-color graphics need a little help, a bit of shimmer, a flash of foil, an unexpected texure.

We’ll work with you to explore innovative ways to give graphics an extra dimension.


We’ve invested in earth-friendly products, technologies, and manufacturing processes — because we think it’s the right thing to do.

Our comprehensive approach to sustainability means we can help you layer green features into your products, depending on how sustainability fits into your brand.

Global Solutions

When ink meets paper (or plastic, or paperboard, or labels, or flexible film, etc.), you need partners with specific capabilities.

Or in our case, you only need one partner with an extensive array of diverse capabilities and broad industry knowledge.