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    New Jersey Packaging Executives Club

    New Jersey Packaging Executives Club

    Founded in 1962, The NJPEC is an organization of packaging professionals from all disciplines in the industry, who share information and hands-on business experience.

    What is the NJPEC like?

    The culture of NJPEC is comfortable, collaborative and professional; an environment of learning, social and business networking. Our members invest their time, skills and knowledge to strengthen our industry with talent and innovation. We support those entering the field with scholarships and mentoring opportunities.

    The future of packaging is being shaped by the members of NJPEC.

    Membership is open to packaging professionals who reside or work in New Jersey. If neither is the case, the applicant must be involved in significant business as a user or a supplier with New Jersey based packaging companies. All members must have a career position with primary packaging responsibility within their organization.

    • We encourage Active participation in the club's programs and events.
    • Promotion of the packaging profession to further the development of packaging technologies
    • Work on select committees to support the club, gain a better understanding of how the club is organized, and meet the challenges faced in the packaging industry.