Origin Pharma Packaging

Origin Pharma Packaging

Origin produces solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical, and science sectors, including containers, closures, dispensing, and precision and diagnostic items.

Origin: High quality, certified, and cost-effective packaging solutions

Origin is a fully integrated business with a global presence, headquartered in the United Kingdom. Our UK distribution centre provides a regional platform in Europe, offering the ultimate combination of leading edge product and unprecedented supply chain solutions for pharmaceutical licence holders and CMOs.


Over 100 years combined experience in the marketplace and association with recognised brands has expanded the scope of Origin’s service portfolio to facilitate needs within all pharmaceutical organisations. Whether a marginal involvement to alleviate supply chain anomalies, or a comprehensive single source solution, Origin manoeuvres throughout the scope of our field, innovating to relocate and occupy our ‘Sweet-Spot’ at all times.

Group Structure

As well as direct business, our UK facility supports multiple packaging distributors and drugs wholesalers, to complete the supply chain. Origin wholly owns one distributor in the UK and is supported by a regional office in Scotland and representation in Europe.

Technologies & Activity

The Melton facility showcases an automated assembly line; enabling post mould processes within a controlled environment. Product integrity is maintained via typical pharma discipline throughout the site. OnePac is the pinnacle of our optimised product and service bundle – a comprehensive, pre-validated primary & secondary packaging ‘hamper’, with the option of integral pack stabilizer and headspace filler. A turnkey referral system and the OrderCall personal contact facilitator are also extracts from our customer led service range.


Good practice and environmental care have seen Origin awarded multiple ISO accreditations (Environmental Management System, Quality Management System, standards and guidelines). Origin also holds the BRC global standard. Relevant products comply with European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.), and FDA accreditation is held for specific items. Additionally, applicable products are fully tested and certified to ISO 8317 and fully compliant.