Packaging Color Manufacturing (PCM)

Packaging Color Manufacturing (PCM)

PCM offers decoration services for packaging and accessories with the most innovative and sustainable techniques available on the market.


PCM Group decorates different types of packaging solutions for a wide variety of markets. From beverage bottles to cosmetic jars and fragrance pumps to pharmaceutical dispensers, the company always strives to deliver sustainable and innovative techniques that lead to customer satisfaction.


PCM is committed to responsible and ethical development procedures in all areas, including energy consumption. The company aims to be an entirely carbon-neutral business by 2050 through the recycling, reuse, recovery, and reduction of material, combined with innovative and high-quality finishes.


Packaging Color Manufacturing works closely with its customers through the entire process, advising on decorative possibilities and finding the most efficient option in the market.

  • Feasibility
    Before starting any decorative packaging project a team of experts ensures the feasibility of the proposal, considering it a decisive step in the industrial line of production and the pack's chances for success.
  • State-of-the-Art-Facilities
    PCM has invested in cutting-edge technology and the most modern machinery available to tackle any decoration project.
  • Experience
    50 years working in the market have led the company to successfully ensemble a professional R&D team capable of developing unique and new solutions to face any challenge.