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Swiss partnership drives innovation

On 10 September 2015, PackSys Global participated in a unique event at IMD AG in Brügg. Four Swiss market leaders in the plastic packaging industry presented their cooperatively engineered innovations combining each company's specific skills: IMD (inspection/handling), PackSys Global (slitting/folding), HAPA (digital printing) and Tanner (preform feeding). The new innovative solutions are based on expertise, newest technologies, experience and of course Swiss quality.

At this exclusive product launch an international audience from the industry saw demonstrations of each new system with experts on hand to answer questions. 

Swiss Downstream Line SDL

The Swiss Downstream Line SDL is the result of this joint development between the two market leaders, IMD and PackSys Global, combining their extensive skills. As the name implies, the Swiss Downstream Line SDL is a complete downstream line for plastic closure prodution; it includes inspection, slitting and folding.

The compact and standardized layout sets new standards. Driven by the IMDvista® V5 Vision Control Center, a single control center (HMI) for the whole system, operators are now able to always have a perfect production and performance overview. The design has also made the line easier to use, which in turn will result in higher user efficiency.

PackSys Global Technology

  • Infeed jet stream
  • Metal detector
  • Slitting turret
  • 12 customized slitting mandrels
  • Folding turret
  • 12 customized folding tooling
  • Discharge by star wheel (closures separation)

IMD Technology

  • IMDvista® WFS Waterfall Sorter
  • Spark tester for pin hole detection
  • Vision System on vcuum conveyor
  • Controlled and monitored by the IMDvista® V5 Vision Control Center
  • All integrated in a compact line

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