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    PackSys Global AG

    PackSys Global AG

    PackSys Global AG is a world leader manufacturer of specialized equipment for packaging.

    PackSys Global - stands for Swiss innovation, performance and reliability.

    We are PackSys Global: a company that manufactures state-of-the-art packaging machines. Our name describes a vision that we implemented in 2021 - to create a universal network and act globally together.

    The high performance of our products, a comprehensive and professional interaction with our partners with high technical competence, regardless of whether it is a machine, a complete line or a service, are in our DNA.

    Why can we do that? Because we as a Swiss company are committed to the typical values that are assigned to us: innovative strength, quality awareness, loyalty and performance orientation. No matter where in the world our systems are in use.



    Our packaging machines of the highest quality are perfectly suited for a wide variety of industrial sectors: Among other things, for the production of premium cosmetics, health and pharmaceutical products as well as for beverages and specialties.

    We offer you:

    • Complete systems for extruded tubes and laminate tubes
    • Slitting and folding machines for plastic closures
    • High precision automatic hot stamping solutions
    • Individual packaging solutions for tubes, cans, cartridges and containers