PackSys Global's flexible multi-purpose machine is ideal for caps

The packaging industry is highly innovative, utilizing some of the world's top technology to enhance and create new packaging options that are every more effective, and plastic closure manufacturing is one of the most innovative sectors to constantly improve as beverage companies develop new products.

PackSys Global helps its customers to face growing competition raised by new technical and economical challenges and is trusted by major plastic closure manufacturers around the globe which recognize the company's machines as ideal for meeting the demands of the market.

Through regular yearly investment in research and development, the company offers more productivity, flexibility and versatility in its products.

Multi-purpose caps machine

The MPM is a flexible machine suitable for several operations on a wide range of caps. In addition, this machine caters to the need of specialized caps in sectors like agro, oil or sports caps.

PackSys Global's multi-purpose machine is one of the most cost effective, flexible pieces of equipment on the market. The MPM can be used for plastic or metal caps; for gluing, inserting plastic pieces, slitting and roll-forming.

With a speed up to 250 pieces a minute, this reliable and modern machine has been designed to significantly lower production costs in multi-operation processes.

Integrated electrical cabinet and controls, and electronic parts of the latest technology ensure high reliability and easy integration with modern up-stream equipment.

Benefits of PackSys Global's multi-purpose machine

  • Well-suited for multi-operation processes
  • Used for plastic or metal caps, for gluing, inserting plastic pieces, slitting, and/or roll-forming
  • High reliability and easy integration

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