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PackSys Global is offering a unique opportunity to beverage companies. The Swiss manufacturer of packaging machines is facilitating an inside look into its machinery.

Visit PackSys Global's virtual exhibition booth

Diving into this new virtual experience, visitors can discover the DecoRoll LMAX, CoreMaster, TEM Plus including capLAB and DecoRoll MG as well as the Servobottle, a screen-printing machine of our partner OMSO, all from a brand new perspective.

Browse around and watch the videos. There are also plenty of flyers and brochures about the machines available for download, as well as the sales team to say hello and answer any questions.

Private tours are also on offer to ensure a fully immersive and interactive opportunity.

Register now and get ready to dive in!

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PackSys Global's oral care and pharmaceutical tube lines offer a marriage of cost and output

PackSys Global has been designing and building laminate tube side-seamers for decades. The company's extensive R&D has led to new technologies that allow a great stability of the seam strength and an ever improving visual appearance of the welded area of the laminate at a high speed per minute. Its laminate tube lines for oral care and pharma products are the culmination of the latest technical developments.

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