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    Pak 2000

    Pak 2000

    Pak 2000 offers a number of packaging lines for a variety of markets, including standard and bespoke bags, boxes, and other items in plastic and paper/carton for luxury brands, security products, and medical components.

    More than just bags and boxes

    Pak 2000 is a world leader in the design and manufacture of diversified packaging solutions. We excel with regard to providing value added secondary packaging to luxury brands, as well as to retail chains and medical packaging suppliers. Our team of engineers, chemists and product development professionals are committed to developing high quality products, providing excellent service, and engaging in projects within a social responsibility.

    Our manufacturing facilities are vertically integrated. In fact, we produce much of our own paper starting from pulp. This means that we can take a project from the initial design phase all the way through to final delivery, taking into account material needs, times to market, and any special requirements that a customer might have.

    We operate a number of manufacturing facilities that are located strategically worldwide to offer service to a number of different markets. Whether produced in our American, Indonesian, or Chinese facilities, we offer printing, slitting, coating, adhesive development, closure development, and a number of decoration options to ensure speedy delivery. Our locations all make sure to operate well within local and international regulation parameters. Pak 2000 has been a committed, environmentally responsible manufacturer for over three decades.

    Green Packaging

    Reacting to market demands, as well as acting upon a genuine desire to ensure sustainable development for future generations, Pak 2000 offers a line of eco-sensitive solutions, including gorgeous jute and cotton bags (that can be reused, recycled or composted), fully recyclable paper bags (that can be reused or recycled), and non-woven bags in PE (that can be reused). Pak 2000 is certified by internationally renowned Swiss firm SGS to offer FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified products.

    Security Products

    Pak 2000 Security is the world leader in technologically advanced, security bags for the transport of currency and valuables. We have been the industry choice for decades with regard to the secure transport of cash, checks, coins, private documents, and other valuables for financial firms, security services, health care institutions, retailers, law enforcement agencies, and aviation security providers for airport authorities and retailers.

    Today, Pak 2000 strives to lead the pack by meeting the needs of a growing market. Market demands for higher security levels have led Pak 2000 to develop new technology continually. Our high-level Advecta™ security bag, for example, is designed to show tampering clearly if the bag has been compromised, even at extremely cold or hot temperatures. The new and improved Advecta™, produced in-house by Pak 2000, is the market's current bag of choice.

    Medical Components

    Pak 2000 works closely with clients in the medical industry to develop reliable medical packaging of superior quality that meets and in many cases exceeds compliance standards. Our expertise extends to a comprehensive understanding of materials, including multilayer and complex film structures using PET, LLPE, OPP and PE, as well as a number of papers and coated films. We are also involved in the design and manufacturer of a variable range of printed and non-printed substrates to fulfil the needs of ever-changing trends within the market.

    Our supply chain methodologies and technical expertise ensure our products to be secure, safe and reliable. Our traceability and chain of custody capabilities include sequential numbering, bar coding, RFID tagging, sterilization, and tamper resistant / tamper evident closure systems.