Custom Packaging Trends for 2020 in USA

Packaging always tells a story of the brand. It is just like designing features that reflect the nature of the brand through appropriate communication. Communicating a brand’s proposition using packages can easily make the consumers understand the true value and nature of products and the organization. It is the art of enclosing the products safely and securely for storage and purpose of sales. Therefore, marketers always come up with new ways after intensive research on consumers' buying behaviors.

Importance of Trends

Getting into a retail store and looking at a new kind of packaging that no one has ever seen will always get you curious. Consumers are always attracted to things that make them curious to find out the story behind them. Trends are not something that is repeated over time, but they are new ways adopted by manufacturers and marketers after knowing the likes and dislikes of consumers.

Trends in fashion, games, politics, movies, and packages change over time, and this change is due to new and effective modes and mediums. A package that gets the maximum attraction of consumer will automatically make its place in trending.

New Era

Adopted ways to pack products in the previous decade were very different from today. Plastics were the most common material in creating attractive packing types. However, all we need to talk about is a New Era and the trends at these times.

The world is changing rapidly, and the custom packaging USA is adapting to the change constantly. Shifts of consumers' moods can easily change the trends, which makes it mandatory for businesses to adapt to the new changes. The trends of packing for the United States of America in 2020 are given as the following:

  1. Plastic-Free Boxes

Around fifty percent of the consumer, the population is educated enough to know the adverse effects of using plastic in packages. The new packaging design and the trend is the use of minimum or no plastic in the boxes or packages. What is the reason behind it? There is no singular reason for it. In fact, there are two reasons global warming and pollution.

Adverse and rising effects of global warming and pollution are changing the conditions of the earth, and suitable actions are being in effect. Organizations have banned the use of plastic in many countries as it enhances pollution that eventually burns to increase global warming on the planet. Consumers are educated enough to make good decisions that have led to the trend of plastic-free boxes and packages. Minimal use of plastics makes sure that a minimum carbon footprint will be released on earth. It can also be said that manufacturers, organizations, and consumers are supporting the sustainable packing technique.

  1. Contrast the Colors

The stripping palette of colors using the black and white is the new trend of 2020. Grayscale design of packing using these two colors can create interesting, beautiful, and attractive packages for products. Intricate shades and the creation of in-depth artworks for package design trends using these two colors are appealing for the consumers.

One of the biggest trends for 2020 designing is a simplification. Simple is the new demanding trending, and it is gaining popularity as the day goes by. Launch of new products using these contrasts is one of the best ideas to enhance the customer attraction towards the products.

  1. Informative Packing

Classified design options, suitable printing, good placement of logos, and appropriate typography are old ways to inform users about products and the business. Keeping these ways still alive with additional information on USA packaging is the new trend of 2020.

An informative packing technique using QR codes can offer a great deal of information to the users of the product. It is the age of technology, and every second person on earth has a smartphone in their hands. Using smartphones and the assistance of the World Wide Web, a person can easily scan these codes to get maximum information about the brand. Therefore, using QR codes is the new trend for the United States of America.

  1. Vintage Illustrations

The old-fashioned way of packing things has never lost the charm. As old as it gets, it gets more charming too. Consumers who have never seen the era of the 60s, 70s, or 90s get attracted to these boxes the most. The traditional vintage look grabs the attention of customers the most. Therefore, marketers always revive this style now and then. Vintage looks in trending boxes are not new, and it will always have its place in the market. Moreover, vintage looks are considered as luxury packaging because of the high-end finishing.

  1. Subscription Boxes

E-commerce and its evolution have led to the creation of subscription custom printed boxes. Consumers these days are enjoying the benefits of lower delivery prices, compact containers, wholesale rates, and high-end design features.

Subscription boxes are used by customers who are willing to pay once a month, year, or duration for a continuous supply of products to the consumer. These are included in the trends of the USA, as thousands of people have already subscribed to the service. Products of cosmetics, skincare, medicine, food, etc. are the most common inclusions of these boxes. Moreover, these come in different style options. Die cut boxes are one of the most attractive as this appeal and satisfy the customers in the best possible ways.


Trends of custom packaging boxes for 2020 in the United States of America are not very different from the previous year. However, these new techniques are evolved for perfect execution of designs, prints, and material choices for the benefits of increased sales and attraction from customers.

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