A new line of packaging by Phaba: pill jars, with desiccant reservoirs

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Phaba has released a new line of packaging dedicated to the pharma and nutraceutical sectors. The new pill jars offer a 50ml container paired with a pressure strip cap and a container insert that may be filled up with silica to eliminate humidity. The containers are designed to be used with pills and capsules of all sizes and types.

The first pill jar in the line is ideal for a maximum volume of 50ml. The most interesting component of this kit is the pressure cap with strip tamper evidence and a canister designed to house a desiccant. The entire kit can be produced in many colors, which may be in line with a company's colouring scheme to offer different types of pills. The desiccant to be used is completely up to the customer, according to the specific environmental needs of the pills or capsules contained. If silica gel is used, pills can stay protected from moisture and efficacious up to two years.

In fact, silica gel has many applications, from pharmaceutical to chemical, from electronics to domestic uses. It can be used every time that it is necessary to preserve products or medical devices from moisture.

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Technical details:

Pill jars
- Dimensions:  Bottle 38.6mm ø - 67.5mm high
- ø neck: 31mm
- Material: HDPE
- Standard colour: white

Pressure caps
- Dimensions: 32.1mm ø - 21.5mm high
- Material: PE
- Standard colour: white
- Features: desiccant reservoir, can be filled up with silica (about 3g)

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