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With different sizes and shapes, PHABA has produced PE bottles for many years. They are suitable for many products, both liquid (antibiotics, glycerin or cutaneous solutions) and powder (talcum or starch). They can be realized soft (LDPE) or hard (HDPE). Very interesting is the line of powder (for babies and similar). The available sizes are: capacities from 30 ml to 530 ml, and neck’s diameter from 18 mm to 28 mm.

In July 2016, PHABA introduced a new line of packagingPILL JARS! At the moment, they are available in the only one size of 50 ml, and are ideal for every kind of pill and tablet. The complete kit is made of a pressure cap with tamper evident strip that, if necessary, can contain a little canister with silica gel (3 gr.) to preserve the product from moisture.

PHABA produces many kinds of screw plastic caps, suitable for principal neck’s diameters (18-24-28-31-39 mm) and standard threads (screw, PFP) of glass and plastic bottles. As kinds of closure, PHABA produces simple caps, with Tamper Evident TE, and with Childproof CRC system. A particular line of caps is the talcum one, characterized by little holes for powder’ supply. These caps are used on bottles of talcum or starch powder for baby and feet care.

Desiccant assemblies are one of the most important items by PHABA. They are made of caps + canister of silica gel. Silica gel has many applications, from pharmaceutical to chemical, from electronics to domestic uses… Every time that is necessary to preserve products or medical devices from moisture. Desiccant caps are made of aluminum or plastic cap with canister filled up with a different percentage of silica gel (from 0,6 to 3 gr). If intact, desiccant kit by PHABA has two years guarantee.

Compact and easy to use, to keep into your pocket or handbag, dispenser by PHABA is the best packaging solution to have sweetener tablets always with you. Available in two measures (for 100 and 300 tablets), PHABA dispenser have an automatic trigger for distribution of single tablets of standard size. For oversized tablets PHABA has another dispenser with a lever on the lid for a manual opening. Dispenser are suitable for sweetener tablets of sucrose, aspartame or the natural Stevia.

When an oral remedy is impractical or impossible, rectal delivery is the most viable option, and Phaba’s latest micro-enema kit is designed to offer ease of use, comfort, and functionality. The micro-enema kit by Phaba is the perfect packaging for evacuating glycerol solutions. Suitable for up to 9ml of liquid, this small kit made of LDPE is usable by everyone, and is especially indicated for children, particularly those that are too small to adhere to an oral medication regimen. The kit is composed of a bellows container with a very small disposable cannula with cover and tamper evidence. The pressure closure assures a perfect seal.

NEW! From 2018, PHABA introduces a new line of packaging: the enema kit pressure closure! Available in different colors, the kit is composed of a bottle with capacity 120 ml and a pressure cannula with cover and strip tamper evident, ensuring ease of use for the final patient.

PHABA produces insertion (or overturning) droppers for the supply “drop by drop” of liquid solutions. They are inserted by pressure into glass or plastic bottles with necks of standard dimensions (18 and 24 mm). They are used with liquids like oils, essences or other solutions like probiotics and lactobacillus and can measure out precisely every posology.

With its line of jars, PHABA has the right packaging for face and body creams. They are available in different sizes (30 gr; 50 gr and 100 gr) and the whole packaging is made of container, lid and plastic liner for product protection. Screw lid assures a perfect seal and an easy use by final consumer. On request, we can print the surface of the jars with a graphic 100% customized.

● Components: principal boby (external + inner part assembled) + liner + screw lid
● Sizes: 30 – 50 – 100 gr.
● Material: PST (external part and lid) / PP (internal part) / LDPE (liner)
● Standard color: white. Other colors to verify on request.

Extra: possibility of serigraphy, after study of feasibility.

PHABA has the right packaging for liquid and powder solutions like syrup and antibiotics. Our measuring have different sizes and graduation notches. They are compact and practical to use, and can be placed on the top of the bottle. Also the spoons have various shapes and are suitable for different pharmaceutical uses. On request, we can customize both cups and spoons with particular marks or not standard colors. Another very interesting item is the little spatula for royal jelly, made of biodegradable material, 100% green and environmentally-friendly.

● Shapes: ellipse, triangle, cylinder
● Materials: PP / PS / Biodegradable
● Brimful capacity: from 5 to 15 ml
● Standard colors: neutral / transparent / yellow
● Graduated marks at different levels
● Extra: possibility of production in other different colors, possibility of realization of other graduated marks, possibility of single packaging in dust free bags

Royal Jelly Spoon
● Material: Biodegradable

● Measuring cups for aluminum caps ø 24, and plastic caps simple/childproof ø 24 – 28 mm
● Standard colors: neutral / pink / light blue / green / yellow
● Graduated marks
● Extra: possibility of production in other different colors, possibility of realization of other graduated marks, possibility of single packaging in dust free bags

PHABA produces caps with spatula and brush for glass and plastic bottles. These kits are especially for medical and cosmetic devices for nails’ beauty and health. There are different kinds of kits, with aluminum or plastic cap and spatula and brush of various lengths.

Spatula kit

● caps ø 18 – 24 mm
● closures: simple (for plastic), with TE (aluminum)
● materials: PP / aluminum
standard colors: white, black
● length: 48 – 58 mm
● material: LDPE
● standard color: neutral

Brush kit

● simple cap (without TE) ø 18 mm
● materials: PP
● standard color: black
● length: 56 – 70 mm
● material: LDPE
● standard color: neutral stick + black bristles

PHABA has the best packaging for the application of vaginal creams, tablets and ovules. Pharmaceuticals Companies with a line of products for female intimate upsets, often offer blister packs with tablets and ovules or single cream tubes, without a specific applicator. For this reason, vaginal applicators by PHABA, single packaged in dust free bags, are the best way for a more practical and faster use and a better hygiene.


Vaginal Applicator for CREAM
● to screw on the neck of cream’s tube
● ø hole: 8 – 11 mm
● material: LDPE
● standard color: white

Vaginal Applicator for TABLETS
● material: LDPE
● standard color: white

NEW! Vaginal Applicator for OVULES
● material: PE
● standard color: white

possibility of single packaging in dust-free bags

1. Vitamin Container
External part
● vitamin container for neck ø 24 mm
● material: PE
● color: neutral
Inner part
● First Option: simple vitamin container, without dropper
● Second Option: vitamin container with dropper and little cap
● material: PE
● Standard color: red
● Screw cap with dome for neck ø 24 mm
● Materials: PE / PP
● Standard colors: black

2. Eye bath
● Material: HDPE
● Standard color: white

3. Kit dosing dropper for vial
● components: nozzle + little cannula + little cap
● material: PVC (nozzle + little cannula), PE (little cap)
● color: trasparent
● extra: possibility of single packaging in dust free bags

4. Kit for effervescent tablets
Tube for round effervescent tablets + pressure cap with silica gel
● Dimensions: ø tube 27,3 mm, high 65 mm
● Material: PP
● Standard color: white
Pressure cap with silica gel
● Pressure cap with Tamper Evident and container with Silica gel 3 gr.
● Material: PE
● Standard color: white

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