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Phaba speeds up production with rapid prototyping

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Phaba, a leading manufacturer of plastic primary packaging, continues with the process undertaken over the last few years aimed at improving productivity and customer service by extending its fleet of machines and by investing in 3D printing technology, featuring an automated calibration system.

The new injection molding machine permits Phaba to increase its production capacity and to reduce delivery times, simultaneously improving the quality of products as well as the speed of responding to market demands.

The rapid prototyping 3D system will enable Phaba to produce physical objects quickly, starting with three-dimensional CAD data. This is ideal during the preliminary design stages, thanks to the flexibility of the process and to the possibility of simulating different versions of the final product.

The prototypes created in the Phaba plant are able to demonstrate the final behavior of the product before engaging in the manufacturing process, in this way reducing defects and turning innovative ideas into successful final products.

The investments made by the company also benefit the assembly departments. Over the next few months more machines are expected to arrive. Still ion the planning stages,the incorporation of new machines will be specifically developed according to the instructions drawn up by Phaba's technical department, in order to translate production and assembly needs into productivity-improving equipment.

This development plan implemented by Phaba represents the company's drive to meet increasing market requirements with regard to flexibility in offering new products, speed, and quality, all of which are key features of primary packaging.

Phaba has risen to the challenge of a total relaunch, in accordance with new market and client demands.

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