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    Polpak Packaging

    Polpak Packaging

    Polpak Packaging was created as a combination of experience in packaging branch and interest in people. In our everyday work we avoid conventional thinking and stereotypes in order to focus on comments and opinions of our customers which are the source of inspiration and knowledge.

    For over 25 years we have been working to provide our customers with cosmetic packaging and closures which are satisfying and inspiring. Since the beginning we have based our activity on trust and partnership in relations with suppliers, customers and employees. Our portfolio of Polish and foreign customers, including the biggest companies in chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry is constantly growing. It helps us build the image of a strong brand and a reliable and professional supplier. 

    The success of our customers is our success. It is also a reason to be proud and motivated for further work and constant development. 

    Therefore, we are trying to extend our offer regularly, adding innovative products which not only make part of latest trends but also inspire to introduce new solutions. However, we do not impose ready solutions on our customers. Instead, we offer a range of possibilities of modifying our products so that everyone can adjust them according to their needs. 

    We are also aware of the importance of commitments – binding contracts, agreements, declared delivery terms. Therefore, what distinguishes us is the sense of security we try to give to our customers. 

    Individual attitude, direct supervision of each order, double control system or full logistics are the elements we provide to our customers on a daily basis.

    In order to prove that the above mentioned words are not empty platitudes, we invite you to work with us. We implement big and small projects which are a model and inspiration for the whole branch. 

    We are constantly increasing our product portfolio, driven by the customers’ feedback and market demand. We are searching for unconventional solutions, giving the recipients the possibility of modification and personalization of packaging in order to adjust them to their individual projects.