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    Pregis announces new Renew Zero 100% recycled content, carbon neutral air cushioning film

    • Pregis
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    Pregis, a leading global manufacturer of protective packaging, is introducing its new Renew Zero 100% recycled content, carbon neutral air cushioning film for use with its AirSpeed systems across Europe.

    The polyethylene (PE) film is made from 50% post-consumer recycled content and 50% from renewable, sustainable plant waste such as cellulose fibers. The Renew Zero brand name describes the carbon-neutral film which achieves its goal without using an offset method such as planting trees. Further, it is recyclable in the PE waste stream for next-generation applications.

    It also complies with EN13427, the European legislation for packaging and packaging waste and has been independently tested by PIRA and Emitwise to confirm these air pillows are 100% CO2 neutral from cradle to gate.

    “We took a ‘cradle to loading gate’ approach when selecting the components for Renew Zero. Because this film is partly made from ISCC-certified renewable plant waste, photosynthesis ensures that CO2 is taken out of the atmosphere and replaced with oxygen, resulting in a negative CO2 value. These ISCC-certified sources and production processes ensure a carbon-neutral product that contributes to a sustainable world and circular economy,” said Lisanne Bock, product manager, air systems, Pregis.

    The film is engineered to work with Pregis’ latest generation AirSpeed MINI PAK’R system which features advanced controls to produce air cushions and patterns for enhanced versatility. Using RFID technology, these units automatically adapt to specific films. The MINI PAK’R is also designed with fewer “wear parts” for improved reliability and ease of use. The air pillows and tubes it produces function as void fill, block/brace to protect shipments. Its compact size makes it ideal for decentralized packing operations.

    Renew Zero is the latest product to support Pregis’ previously announced 2K30 environmental goals. Pregis’ objective is to advance its businesses in the most sustainable manner possible. By leveraging innovation and technology, Pregis continues to invest in more circular and sustainable product offerings that reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact, while making significant contributions to people and society.

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