New Extra Wide Mouth 625cc Plastic PET Packer

Pretium's NEW 625cc PET Wide Mouth Packer features a wider, 63-400 neck finish perfect for gummies and large tablets. The wider opening enables faster, more efficient filling line operations even for these tricky, sticky vitamin formats. Pretium’s PET packers feature a square bead beneath the threads to enhance tamper-evident shrink bands' performance.

Later this season, 400cc and 500cc sizes will be available, but samples of the new 625cc size are now available to order. Turn the page and change the chapter to enjoy the benefits of extra wide-mouth packers ideal for the supplemental pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets.

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High-Performing Packaging for Liquid Lines

Pretium's 2-stage PET rounds are a high-performance packaging solution for liquid lines. These rounds are manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio, and use approximately 20% less plastic than other versions. Thanks to superior wall distribution, decoration options like labeling are available. You can choose from a variety of colors, including black, clear, cobalt blue, dark green, light, amber, and white. The PET rounds come in different sizes ranging from 125ml to 473ml (4oz - 16oz), and they are available with neck finishes of 24-410 and 28-410.

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