Bring Meaning to Your Packaging with Post-Consumer Resin (PCR)

  • Pretium Packaging

Pretium Packaging understands that the environment matters more than ever, and an attainable and meaningful material choice like PCR can help you meet your sustainability goals.

Choosing the optimal PCR percentage for your packaging depends on several factors and may require a balance between aesthetics, cost, and external requirements or legislation. That is why Pretium has settled on three standard PCR percentages for PET and HDPE resins to help brands quickly move from virgin resin to recycled content.

  • 30% PCR is ideal for customers who need some recycled packaging content but want to minimize any issues with appearance or upcharges. PP PCR may be limited to 30% in most components due to the physical properties of the PP PCR resin for jars and closures.
  • 50% PCR exceeds most minimally mandated requirements by retail policies and state legislation. The color variety is acceptable for brands seeking uniform aesthetics.
  • 100% PCR in both PET HDPE resins make a bold statement to consumers and shows your brand is all-in on making a positive impact. 100% Recycled resins enhance brand authenticity to consumers due to slight color variations from lot to lot.

Pretium has more than two dozen manufacturing facilities across the globe and is well-versed in American and European resin certifications.

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