Enhanced flavour with Miniland New Concepts' latest grinders

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The most appropriate and effective packaging is a big influence on the consumer when purchasing, and it is often a critical factor on the decision-making process when deciding upon a repeat purchase, making this an important consideration for brands when electing a packaging supplier.

Specialist in the production of grinders, Miniland New Concepts packaging solutions add significant value to the final product, optimizing both the package and the packing processes of its customers that in turn benefit the consumer.

Professional chefs have long recognized the difference in flavour to a dish by using freshly ground spices and consumers are keen to replicate their favourite dishes at home, relishing in the personal satisfaction of copying the professional techniques seen in the production of a delicious meal.

"Pursuing the efficience and effectiveness of the products we create" is the company philosophy, which is clearly demonstrated by the subtle differences between its products, enhancing ease of use, offering better size formats and more.

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