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    Qiub Packaging

    Qiub Packaging

    Qiub Packaging is specialized in the design and manufacture of spice and salt grinders.

    We offer a wide range of packaging options in plastic injection molding, thanks to our big capacity to develop innovative solutions in order to add significant value to the final product, and helping to optimize both the package and the packing processes of our customers.

    The company philosophy is to achieve a continuous quality improvement of processes, pursuing at all times the efficiency and effectiveness of the products we create.

    From our 15,000m2 manufacturing plant in Alicante, Spain, in Miniland New Concepts we manufacture packaging products and plastic injection molding components. We offer solutions according to our clients’ requirements, through a close collaboration all throughthe process.

    We guide and advise our customers from the original idea to its materialization in the final product, aiming to offer innovative, functional and high-quality solutions that improve and optimize the packaging processes and give added value to the final product.

    Furthermore, through a permanent HACCP-compliant monitoring program, Miniland New Concepts’ production meets the highest hygiene standards required by the food industry.


    At Quib Packaging, we not only work continuously to optimize the production processes in order to reduce the environmental impact of our industry, but also actively participate in the development of new, more environmentally friendly materials, resulting in solutions such as BioBeauty.


    The perfect solution to complete the differentiation of the organic cosmetic product ranges thanks to this biodegradable and compostable packaging.

    The main objective of the BioBeauty project is to develop a biodegradable packaging for organic skin creams through the combination of nanotechnology and active agents.

    A package consisting of an environmentally friendly material, such as bionanocomposite PLA, and a natural active agent with antioxidant properties, which extends the life of cosmetic creams by up to 18 months.

    Biodegradable and compostable packaging

    Furthermore, this packaging meets the European standard for compostable packaging EN 13432, which means that it can become a nutrient for soil (compost). And it also contributes to reduction of erosion and absorption of water and nutrients by plants.


    A wide range of high-quality mills for spices and salts.

    Topquality materials and state-of-the-art engineering design of each component result in high-quality grinders for the perfect milling of every kind of spices and salts.

    Our grinders are matching a wide variety of glass and PET jars used for the packaging of salts and spices, offering features with a high value-added functionality, to meet the needs of our customers and the requirements of the final consumer.

    In addition, we offer PET and glass jars for both the screw and thesnap-on closing with our grinders.

    Customizable Grinders

    We adapt to our customers’ brand requirements.

    Aware of the importance of offering differentiated packaging, we offer numerous customization possibilities to meet our customers’ brand needs – including printed or embossed logos, and making grinders that are transparent, black or in special colors and finishes.

    The customization process can be easily completed with the creation of a unique exterior design of the grinder, for greater differentiation.

    And if you wish, we will develop for you a completely tailored grinder, taking into consideration the desired technical and functional characteristics – offering innovative designs and optimizing the costs of production and packaging, to suit your budget.

    Packaging and POS Development

    We develop customized packaging solutions, through a very close cooperation with our customers.

    We create dispensers, cases, flip-tops, special caps, closures, POS and components, making possible the initial idea and offering a top-quality service and products, including special finishes.