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    Ramon Clemente

    Ramon Clemente

    Glass bottles from Barcelona for everyone.

    Here in Barcelona, we produce more than 60 million bottles for small and large companies in Catalonia, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Madrid, Milan, Venice, New York, London, Paris, Manosque, Grasse, Dubai, Moscow and more.

    We work on over 50 new projects every year and based on the customer’s ideas, we work closely with them to design the bottle together, develop the pilot mould and create the moulds before manufacturing and decorating the glass.

    We then produce the bottles in the requisite sizes and deliver the finished product once it has been painted at our La Llagosta (Walter Friedrich) facilities and decorated (glazed and unglazed screen printing, hot stamping, pad printing, frosting, labelling, etc.) at our Hospitalet (WALTER DEC) location.

    A single line of contact dedicated to meeting one major challenge: to make our customer’s idea a reality in record time.