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Priority Plastics Now Sold on the Raptor Marketplace

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The Raptor Marketplace continues to grow and now offers brands even more packaging solutions. They are pleased to announce that Priority Plastics Inc. has joined the Raptor Packaging Marketplace as a vendor initially offering industrial Tight Heads, FortPacks, and various PET bottles and jars.

When brands use the Raptor Marketplace, they are able to order directly from the manufacturer, which saves time and money. Raptor Packaging is an easy-to-use one stop shop that has everything from airless pumps, glass jars, plastic caps, and more. 

Priority Plastics provides plastic packaging solutions with four extrusion blow-molding manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. They deliver their absolute best solutions through quality, timeliness, relationships and sustainability.

When you team up with Priority Plastics, you are getting a partner that invests in your future. They endeavor every day to find ways to grow their resources and support your company. Priority Plastics delivers complete packaging solutions that are tailored to the needs of your industry and your business.

Check out their storefront on the Raptor Packaging Marketplace to see what items are available.

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