Raptor Packaging

Raptor Packaging

Raptor Packaging is the world's first rigid packaging marketplace that enables customers to purchase multiple SKUs from multiple manufacturers directly.

By enabling customers and manufacturers to interact directly, conveniently, and efficiently, Raptor Packaging is revolutionizing the way the rigid packaging industry operates.

Customers are able to purchase multiple SKUs from multiple manufacturers directly, while saving an average of 10% compared to traditional distribution.

Manufacturers interested in becoming a vendor on the marketplace at no cost can get in contact.

Raptor Packaging's serves as the marketplace for manufacturers selling products ranging from bottles, jars, caps, sprayers and pumps, to tubes, tubs & pails and accessories.

The packaging is used across a range of industries including food & beverage, healthcare, cannabis & CBD, personal care and for both industrial and household chemicals and cleaning products.

Raptor Packaging is an affiliate of Dempsey International Packaging.