What is the Raptor Packaging Marketplace?

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Sit with George W. Dempsey, CEO of Dempsey International Packaging, as he unveils the world's first digital distributor: Raptor Packaging.

Raptor Packaging gives customers a unique advantage over traditional distribution. 

  • Customers can buy multiple SKUs from multiple manufacturers.
  • Customer orders are saved, allowing for repeat orders with one click.
  • Customers buy through Raptor at lower costs, SAVING 5-10% 
  • Customers and manufacturers interact directly; saving time and money by eliminating communication bottlenecks. Raptor Packaging empowers manufacturers to succeed. 
  • Manufacturers interact directly with customers 
  • Manufacturers promote their own brand
  • Manufacturers see an increase in margin of 5-10% while lowering customer price EARLY ADAPTORS win by taking business directly from distributors.

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