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A whole world of Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging

Established and Universal in Application:

Molded glass for the perfect fitting!

The various sizes and shapes underline yet again the wide variety of our range. The perfect fitting of closure and container is guaranteed. These are the advantages of the system supplier R&G and it demonstrates our focus on the functional and qualitative product safety.

It is not only in the pharmaceutical industry that our molded glass bottles are used. The high quality of our molded glass bottles also creates product and competitive advantages for cosmetics and other industry branches.

Precisely dosed and safely sealed:

Closures by R&G!

In the wide product range of Remy & Geiser GmbH you will find a variety of possibilities to close your container and thereby your media safely and hygienic.

All R&G closure series are available with the relative inserts for sealing, dosing and applying as well as combinable with the respective bottles and therewith offer you the safety of a one-stop system solution.

The closures can be supplied as a pre-assembled system or as single components – suitable for your capping machinery. We also will adapt the color of our components following your imagination, or add your company logo as a print or emboss on our product.

Also your wishes regarding special packing units, sterilization, marking or miscellaneous suggestions will be followed with pleasure.

Within our Caps & Closures range we offer the following variants:

  • Self-sealing caps
  • Closures with sealing liner
  • Closures with vertical droppers
  • Closures with rim droppers
  • Closures with pourers
  • Closures with syringe adapters
  • Closures with spray inserts
  • Closures with brush
  • Closures with spatula
  • Closures with desiccant and stabilizer

The Variety is Ours – Yours the Choice:

Clean usage – dose with ease!

Our dosage aids allow clean pouring and convenient dosing. The dosage cups are designated for the combined use with our closures and pourers. All our medical devices are registered to give you the best possible safety. We supply the dosing aids according to your requirements.

Also in this product range you can chose from a wide variety of different designs, graduations and functions.

As always, your individual wishes and suggestions are most welcome. We develop solutions in a close co-operation with you to achieve the most successful packing system

Visibly Safe and Always Precise:

Sensitive and pointly application!

The use of our eye dropper closures is well established in human, dental and veterinary medicine. Even in sensitive topical applications you will find our products.

The eye dropper closures can be combined with both tubular glass and moulded glass and are available in a multiplicity of shapes and colours. The flexible part of the closure is available in thermoplastic (TPE ) or elastomers, as preferred.

Also packed separately or with a moulded or tubular vial, gamma or gas sterilized the eye droppers are nearly unlimited in their diversity.

Like with all product groups your individual wishes and suggestions are most welcome. In close co-operation with you we develop solutions which are designed to cover your needs.

Not more, not less:

Right on the drop!

We offer you pipette droppers for all viscosities. Whether glass or plastic pipettes, printed, blank, sterilized, specially packed - we cover all your needs.

The rubber bulbs of the pipette droppers are available in different suction volumes and made of different materials: natural caouchouc (NK), chlorine butyle (CB), bromine butyle (BB), nitrile butyle (NBR), thermoplastical elastomere (TPE).

Depending on the field of application we will gladly support you to choose the best suitable material.

As always, your individual wishes and suggestions are most welcome. We develop solutions in a close co-operation with you to achieve the most successful packing system.

Precision and perfection in glass:

Tubular glass in absolute purity!

On our equipment we process brown and clear glass in first, second and third hydrolytic classes. We offer the range of 1 to 100 ml vials as thread vials, injection vials, crimp-top vials and stopper vials for the pharmaceutical industry, chromatography, for chemistry and cosmetic needs.

The flexible construction of our production lines allows us to realize, beside the standard designs presented here, custom made solutions without complications. We are glad to offer you measurements, forms and designs which differ from the standard.

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