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    Meet the Ultimate Dispensing Solution for Catering: Rieke's Maxi Dispensing Pump

    • Rieke Packaging

    Rieke presents the Maxi Dispensing Pump, the company's ultimate solution to meet the demands of high-viscosity and particulated liquid products such as sauces, syrups, thick beverages, and even wet pet food. With its exceptional features and customer benefits, this pump ensures hygienic and accurate portion control in doses ranging from 10 to 30ml.

    Key Features

    • Suitable for the food and beverage market: The Maxi Dispensing Pump was engineered specifically to handle challenging liquid products. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance, even with the thickest and most demanding formulations. Constructed with food-grade materials, it guarantees compliance with rigorous industry standards and provides peace of mind to both manufacturers and consumers alike.
    • Hygienic and accurate portion control: Precise portion control is essential for consistent product application, especially when it comes to catering services and the restaurant industry. This dispensing pump offers accurate dosage options, allowing users to dispense liquids in controlled amounts ranging from 10 to 30ml. Whether it's sauces, dressings, or other viscous substances, you can trust the Maxi Dispensing Pump to deliver the perfect portion every time.
    • Colored head for clear identification: Easy operation is key, and the Maxi Dispensing Pump features a colored head that clearly indicates the area where the user needs to apply pressure to dispense the product. This intuitive design ensures effortless and hassle-free dispensing, eliminating any confusion or potential wastage.

    Customer Benefits

    • Easy installation, dismantling, cleaning, and transfer: Convenience is paramount. Rieke's Maxi Dispensing Pump is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It can be easily installed, dismantled, cleaned, and transferred from one container to another, facilitating efficient and hassle-free operations.
    • Increase your brand's presence: Customization options are available upon request, allowing you to personalize the Maxi Dispensing Pump to align with your brand identity. This enables you to stand out on store shelves, restaurants, food trucks, or food stands, and create a memorable and distinctive presence that resonates with consumers.

    Technical Information

    • Available in variable doses: The Maxi Dispensing Pump offers a range of dosage options to suit your specific needs, including 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, and 30ml. Choose the perfect dosage size that aligns with your product requirements.
    • Versatile compatibility: This pump can be used on a wide range of containers, fitting standard closures with a minimum diameter of 38mm. Its adaptability ensures compatibility with various packaging formats, providing flexibility for different products and packaging designs.

    Love it? Need a different dispensing solution? Get in touch now and let the Rieke team find the best pump for your product.

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