Rieke's All-Plastic Pump is More Sustainable Than Ever

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Rieke is proud to announce that it has enhanced its All-Plastic Bellows pump to make it more sustainable and easier to recycle, helping you reach your sustainability goals.

Rieke’s All-Plastic pump now contains 100% polyolefin materials, which makes the recyclability process easier and promotes a circular economy. The enhanced pumps provide ease of recycling while maintaining the same performance as TPE.

The technology that replaces the metal spring delivers an all-around eco-friendly solution. The innovative look is designed to look good, be 100% recyclable, and lower both a brand's and user's carbon footprint, without sacrificing quality or durability. This makes it simple for consumers to do the right thing for the environment, letting them recycle the full packaging at once.

Riekes All-Plastic Pump is More Sustainable Than Ever

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