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    Rieke Presents Sustainable and Child-Safe Packaging Solutions

    • Rieke Packaging

    At Rieke, we understand the importance of meeting regulatory requirements while aligning with your sustainability goals. Take a closer look at our range of Child Resistant Caps and explore the possibilities.

    The innovative 53mm and 63mm Child Resistant Caps (CRC) are designed specifically for the Nutraceutical market, with global sustainability targets front of mind while protecting children from accidental access to harmful products. This new CRC range has been cleverly engineered to reduce the amount of plastic used on the outer cap, making it more environmentally friendly and decreasing its carbon footprint.

    The closures have been rigorously tested for quality and sturdiness - so you can feel confident that your product has not been compromised. For those looking for an even greener solution, there is also a PCR inner cap option available upon request.

    Key Features

    • Two-piece push-and-turn child-resistant caps.
    • Rieke's patent pending innovative interlocking inner/outer cap.
    • Market-leading engineered design.
    • Inner and outer caps are constructed of impact-resistant resin.
    • PCR inner cap option available.

    Customer Benefits

    • Sustainable design (no sacrifice on sturdiness or functional performance).
    • Safely protects minors from accessing bottle contents.
    • Clear pictorial instructions - no restriction to global usability.
    • Reduction in carbon footprint.


    • Wide variety of color options at your disposal.
    • Fits CMA standard 53-400 and 63-400 neck finishes.
    • Compatible with both PET and HDPE bottle materials.
    • Various lining options are available upon request.

    Contact Rieke now and learn more today!

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