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Packaging Innovations: Biggest packaging trends 2017

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Following on from last year's success, Robinson Packaging again exhibited at the Packaging Innovations show in Birmingham on the 1st and 2nd of March.

Customers, prospects and industry experts from across the globe came together to network and discover the latest innovations. With an emphasis on our European supply into the food & drink, personal care and homecare markets, we showcased examples of our custom and standard packaging across all three sectors.

Through seminars hosted at 'The Ideas Factory', speaking with visitors on the stand and various meetings set-up with customers, we discovered some of 2017's biggest packaging trends and the impact they have on today's fast-paced world:

Structure and Branding

  • 1/3 of the UK population believe that if product packaging is premium and of high quality then the product inside will be superior too. As a result, there has been a rise in the importance of design aesthetics and refreshing outdated and uninspiring packaging. With an in-house creative and industrial design team and 3D printing technologies, this is an area Robinson specialises in. Our product designers are constantly working on bespoke designs that help our customers deliver premiumisation on-shelf.
  • Packaging design is an important factor in shaping opinions. 36% of overall consumers believe that unique packaging design makes a product more appealing and 53% of millennials prefer more exciting disruptive packs.

Packaging Online

  • More and more consumers are embracing the digital world and shopping online. Many of us have access to the web anytime and anywhere because of the increase in smartphone and tablet devices. It isn't just on-the-shelf that products need to appeal to their target audience – they also need to stand out online. Packaging has a huge impact on this.
  • Because of the popularity of social media, YouTube and the ability to instantly share reviews, interesting packs can create a buzz online and may even go 'viral'. With many well-known bloggers and YouTubers regularly reviewing products from food and drink items to cosmetics and homecare, packaging is usually one of the first and most important topics that they discuss with their viewers. Online influencers will not only focus on the product itself but the packaging aesthetics, quality and functionality.

Packaging Experience

  • Many brands are starting to look at using packaging to reinforce communication. Features such as personalisation or enabling the user to interact with the product can create a fun and engaging experience for the consumer.
  • Exciting packaging can help customers create an irrational, emotional connection with brands. If a memorable experience is created through a product, members of the public are more likely to share this with others either in person or online.

Extending your Brand

  • After the economic crash, many consumers are skeptical as to whether a product is worth their money. Brand recognition can be created through packaging innovation and can easily change perceptions. Packaging represents everything: from an important tool in the decision-making process, to a communications channel for a brand’s promise to deliver a quality experience.
  • Snacking and eating on-the-go is growing. As today's world is becoming more and more frantic people do not have as much time anymore. Food-on-the-go options have changed the marketplace and their popularity is rising. At Robinson we can offer custom packaging solutions which will allow customers to enjoy your products even when they are in a rush. Recently we created a bespoke dessert pot for indulgent desserts specialist GU Puds. The ingenious spoon in lid allows consumers to still have a little bit of luxury on the go.
  • Packaging can help a brand build its heritage. This can help engage with younger generations to expand new offerings.

Source: Packaging Innovations 2017, Mintel Packaging Trends 2017

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