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Robinson specialises in the design and manufacture of custom packaging. Offering cutting-edge, design innovation and 3D-printing to help you visualise your products, with decades of experience across many market sectors.

Robinson specialises in the design and manufacture of custom packaging. They offer cutting-edge, design innovation and 3D-printing to help you visualise your products.

Looking to get your product noticed on shelf? Get your products noticed with the latest plastic design and technical know-how. Robinson is at the forefront of bespoke packaging design and product innovation and has been since designing the first Smarties Tube back in 1956.

Robinson's extensive experience guarantees your project is delivered to your complete satisfaction. They hold your hand throughout the entire process. From initial concept, product brief, through the design and 3D printing right down to helping you choose materials, colours, labelling, printing and sign-off of the final end product.

Robinson's products are manufactured in an allergen-free environment with a constant eye on sustainability, providing a product that minimises any negative affect on the planet. They carefully label and promote recycling and recycling labelling too.

Quality you can rely on

Robinson has been producing custom packaging since 1839 and over the years has worked collaboratively with many big brands and retailers. Companies come to Robinson to create innovative designs to inject new life and shelf presence into their products. Robinson's manufacturing plant has the latest equipment and in-house tooling capabilities to deliver a fast turnaround of your bespoke plastic products. Rest assured, Robinson's factories manufacture at the highest standards for your complete confidence.

Get in touch

If you have a product or project you would like to bring to life, Robinson is waiting to hear from you. Contact Robinson here or call +44 (0)1623 752869.

Robinson has over 40 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of custom injection moulded plastic packaging and currently offers the following product types: Thin walled containers, hinged caps, wide mouth caps, overcaps and plugs, tamper evident tubs and lids, pudding basins, aerosol activators and overcaps, thick and thin walled jars, CRC’s, specialist mouldings and devices, multi-chamber jars.

Materials: Homo and Copolymer PP, LLDPE, HDPE, PET, Styrene’s, Polycarbonates, ABS and DuPont™ Surlyn®.

Added value options: In mould labelling (IML), post mould labelling, screen printing, inkjet printing, shrink sleeving, robotic collation and stacking.

Robinson Madrox specialises in the design and manufacture of bottles, jars and canisters in a range of different shapes, sizes and materials. In most cases they also produce the corresponding caps and closures (including CRC’s, flip top caps, dosing caps and dispensers). Madrox are particularly noted for the packs they supply into the Home Care and Personal Care market sectors, but they have a wide portfolio of customers. A number of standard packs are available off the peg, and these can be customised through colour and/or decoration.

Product types: 125ml to 5ltr capacity, integral handles, trigger sprays, shampoo, shower gel, wide mouth jars, laundry care, automotive, dosing packs, jerry cans, toilet cleaners/bleach.

Materials: HDPE, LDPE, PP.

Added value options: Angled necks, visi-strips, dosing chambers, IML decoration.

Centred at the Robinson Madrox site in Poland, the addition of injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) technology was largely prompted by growing customer demand for lightweight, glass clear containers.

This process also guarantees consistently accurate neck finish profiles. The majority of Robinson's packaging made in this way is in the form of screw-threaded bottles, but they can also produce preforms for conversion by customers.

Robinson offers both single-stage and two-stage options, predominantly using PET material but also PP where appropriate.

The key advantages of ISBM are:

  • Flexibility to make smaller runs
  • Preform wall thickness can be varied to allow blowing of rectangular and non-round shapes
  • Good O2 and CO2 barrier properties for PET bottles
  • Reduced weight containers
  • Dimensionally accurate neck finishes
  • High breakage resistance

Robinson Packaging is a proud member of RECOUP and engages with them to help develop and promote strategic, efficient plastic recycling systems. RECOUP have quickly become an essential source of advice as Robinson repositions their business for the future. They bring over 25 years of industry knowledge on recycling best practice, which Robinson has been able to adopt.

RECOUP has helped Robinson identify products that are less likely to get recycled and how they can mitigate this issue. By using a careful combination of single polymer material, clever design and clear labelling, Robinson can significantly improve the chance of products reaching the recycling plant and successfully being identified by waste management companies. By removing product recycling confusion, end users are clear which parts of the packaging to recycle and which parts to throw into general waste bins.

Recyclability by design

Working with RECOUP has helped Robinson produce plastic products more responsibly. They optimise designs to reduce the amount of raw material used. This ensures end-products that require less plastic and are lighter to distribute. Robinson experts are focused on the efficient use of raw materials, energy and distribution so that they make lean products with the greenest of credentials. Their aim is to manufacture packaging that minimises any negative environmental effects while maximizing the product's lifecycle or chance of being recycled.

100% Recyclable Bottles

Responding to consumer demand and industry best practice, Robinson is focused on single polymer pack formats.  These are fully recyclable and more Eco responsible. By using a single polymer in the production process, they ensure producing a fully recyclable product, one that is more likely to make it into the consumer's recycling bin. 

Robinson takes their environmental responsibilities seriously and are always looking at ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their manufacturing activities. Therefore, they have recently invested in new equipment to produce both PET and HDPE bottles and jars in the UK. Above all, this removes transportation costs they would normally have by importing them from their Polish operations.

By boosting their UK blow moulding capabilities, Robinson can offer a wider range of plastic packaging, all with the benefit of local, UK manufacture. In addition, they cater to those looking for a fully ‘Made in England’ end product.

Robinson now offers UK plastic bottles from 10 ml to 10 L and now all parts of the process are completed in the UK, Robinson can offer a quicker, leaner service. In essence, all activities are completed under one roof. For those looking for a UK based supplier. They now offer the complete package from initial concept, design, manufacture and decoration. Right down to its final packing and delivery, all on home soil.

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