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Robinson delivers innovative custom-moulded cheesecake pack

  • Robinson Packaging
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Robinson Packaging has collaborated with a leading fresh prepared food manufacturer, to create an innovative bespoke packaging solution for chilled cheesecakes.

The company holds a leading position in the chilled desserts retail market, making a wide variety of products including cheesecakes, trifles, tarts and cream cakes. They wanted a new innovative packaging design for cheesecakes to prevent consumers damaging the cake when removing it from the packaging. The products are usually packed in thermoformed trays that require the consumer to push the cheesecake up and out of the base of the pack. If care isn’t taken this can cause the dessert to crack.

Building on the initial idea, the design and technical team at Robinson Packaging developed a pack that features a tear strip at the front allowing customers to unwrap it easily from the cheesecake. This ensures that the product doesn’t break, is mess-free and can be presented perfectly on a serving plate.

Since it’s launch, the pack has been shortlisted for a StarPack Packaging Industry award.

It launched initially within the New York Baked Cheesecake range in a popular high street retailer and has received very positive consumer feedback.

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